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About Us: Owner Barry Ciociola has dealt professionally
in rare paper money and coins for nearly 40 years. During
that time he has become widely respected for his
leadership and integrity in the industry.

Barry is a member of many national, regional, and state
organizations including the American Numismatic
Association, Central States Numismatic Association, Blue
Ridge Numismatic Association, North Carolina
Numismatic Association, South Carolina Numismatic
Association, Virginia Numismatic Association, Georgia
Numismatic Association, Tennessee State Numismatic
Society, and the Texas Numismatic Association.

He is also Past-President and current Vice President of the
North Carolina Numismatic Association and holds a seat
on the Board of Directors for the Blue Ridge Numismatic

Barry is also a regular contributor to the Currency Dealer
Newsletter, the standard periodical in the industry read and
used by dealers nationwide.
Barry Ciociola with two
$10,000 Federal Reserve Notes
and two $5,000 Federal
Reserve Notes purchased from
a client.
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