Paper Money Values:
Values largely depend on the
type of note, the series, its
condition, and most
importantly, its scarcity.
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What Is Your Paper Money Worth?
Rare Paper Money Buyers.Com
    The value of your paper money is largely dependent on several factors:

  • The type of note: There are many types of notes in U.S. paper money alone. The most basic break down is
    large size currency (1862 to 1923) and small size currency (1928 to present). Then within those types are:
    United States "Legal Tender" Notes, Gold Certificates, Silver Certificates, Treasury Notes, Federal Reserve
    Notes, National Currency and more.

  • Series: Within these types are series dates, signature combinations, and sub-types for each denomination.
    These notes are assigned a catalog number referred to as a "Friedberg Number." Each note has a value
    and rarity determined by this Friedberg Number.

  • Condition: Paper money notes are evaluated and given a condition or "grade." Professional currency
    dealers and graders assign grades based on a 1 to 70 scale, with 70 being the highest grade. There is also
    a term used for each grade: Poor, About Good, Good, Very Good, Fine, Very Fine, Extremely Fine, About
    Uncirculated, Choice About Uncirculated, Crisp Uncirculated, Choice Uncirculated, Very Choice
    Uncirculated, Gem Unicrculated, and Superb Gem Uncirculated. In almost every instance condition is a
    factor in determining the value of a paper money item.

  • Scarcity: Perhaps the greatest determining factor of the value of paper money is scarcity. The relative
    availability or unavailability of a particular note influences that notes value. A note that is easily available to
    the collecting public will be less valuable than a note that is difficult or nearly impossible to find.
Values of United States Large Size Paper Money

Old $1 Bill Value ( Click Year for Note Image )

Legal Tender Notes ( United States Notes )

  • 1863 Poor: $95 Average: $200+ Great: $450++
  • 1869 Poor: $100 Average: $300+ Great: $500+
  • 1874 Poor: $95 Average: $175+ Great: $300+
  • 1875 Poor: $95 Average: $175 Great: $300+
  • 1880 Poor: $85 Average: $150 Great: $250+
  • 1917 Poor: $30 Average: $75 Great: $150+
  • 1923 Poor: $40 Average: $120 Great: $200+

Treasury Notes ( Coin Notes )

  • 1890 Poor $85 Average: $200 Great: $450+
  • 1891 Poor $75 Average $150 Great: $300+

Silver Certificates
  • 1886 Poor: $85 Average $150 Great $250+
  • 1896 Poor: $75 Average: $150 Great: $250+
  • 1899 Poor: $30 Average: $75 Great: $150+
  • 1923 Poor: $10 Average: $25 Great $50+

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